Custom Queues defined in solano.yml (Deprecated)


This version of Custom Queues is being Deprecated in favour of Custom Queues


Please contact regarding availability of this feature.

Usage Scenarios

The primary use case for this feature is to allow gradual migrations to new runtime environments for your build.


This feature allows you to name the queue to be used for your builds via solano.yml. If you do not provide an explicitly configured queue or you provide an invalid or unrecognized queue name, the system will choose the default queue. Note that queue names are per-organization; the default queue in one organization may not be the same underlying queue as the default queue in another organization.

The system defines two global named queues: default and v2runtime. To select a queue, add the following to your solano.yml:

  queue: "v2runtime"

Since the configuration in solano.yml is per-branch, this means that you can configure the queue on a per-branch basis. All builds and profiles will share the same queue configuration.


You can use the worker_limit key to set the number of workers used by a build.

In a more complex configuration where you wish to route builds to queues based on the branch name, you can specify a hash that maps regular expressions matching branches to queues:

    - branch: master
      queue: master
    - branch: "*"
      queue: default

Branch patterns are either regular expressions or simple globs that can use “*” and ”?” as wild cards. Branch patterns are evaluated in order and the first to match wins.

It is possible to set up per-account queues with custom names and plans in addition to globally-defined queues such as v2runtime. Once they are set up, you can route to them as in the example above. There must always be a fall-back queue called “default” that will be used if no other queue is configured or matches.