Custom SCM


At the moment a small subset of Custom SCM implementation is avalible.

Please contact regarding availability of this feature.


These settings are per repo.

Scripts will run in bash. By default, they will run to the end and fail only if the last command fails. Add set -e to fail immediatly when a command fails.

Usage Scenarios

The Custom SCM implementation will allow users more control over how builds are setup and eventually allow any SCM to be used.


Custom SCM settings are avalible in the repo settings page.


Post Download Hook example

This hook can be used to run code after a commit is checked out, but before anything else happens - such as reading the solano.yml and configuring the build.

Its main purpose is to edit the state of a build after the requested commit is checked out, but before the rest of the build setup has been ran.

An example use would be to run the build after the requested commit has been merged with another branch.

This can be achevied by adding a script that will check out the desired branch, pull any changes on that branch and then merge the previous branch.

set -e
git checkout master
git pull origin master
git merge -

The output from this script will be avalible in the “post_download_hook” log files.