Custom Worker Volumes

Custom worker volumes allow setting the root file system used by workers during Solano CI builds. Currently Ubuntu versions 12 LTS (default), 14 LTS, and 16 LTS are available. Additional worker volumes, including completely custom worker volumes, are on our short term product road map.


This feature must be enabled for your Solano organization, and requires a container based worker model. Please contact regarding availability of this feature.

Usage Scenarios

Certain libraries and packages that are neither available nor installable on Ubuntu 12 LTS require a different worker volume. For example, Google Chrome versions 59 and above require libraries only available on Ubuntu versions 14 and higher.

Example scripting/configuration for using custom worker volumes with:


After Custom Worker Volumes are enabled, you can define the ruleset for determining which volume will be used for your builds. Rule filters can be defined on a branch and profile basis.


When using a custom worker volume, the configuration tab will include details on the volume used.