Linking to ResultsΒΆ

Each build report in Solano CI has a unique URL. Each result in a report page also has a permalink associated with it. You can retrieve this link by expanding the per-test result view in the report page.

Build Badge links display current status of a particular branch in a repository. You can retrieve the build badge link from the repository edit view. This view is accessible via the gear icon on the dashboard. If the repository is a public repository, then no authentication is required to retrieve the build badge URL. If the repository is a private repository, then a unique token key must be provided as a query parameter.

More generally, if your account handle is $handle and you have a repository named $repo with a branch named $branch, then:

URL Path Relative to Purpose
/$handle/$repo Repo Configuration
/$handle/$repo/branches/$branch Most recent build for branch
/$handle/$repo/badges/branches/$branch Public Build Badge
/$handle/$repo/badges/branches/$branch?badge_token=$token Private Build Badge