Solano CI supports testing Erlang and Elixir applications. See Hello Phoenix as one of our our Example Repositories page. Contact with any questions about Erlang support.

Supported Versions

Solano CI supports several versions of Erlang:

  • 20.1
  • 19.0
  • 18.3
  • 18.2.1
  • 18.1
  • system (currently R14B04)

If a version of Erlang is not specified in your configuration, R14B04 will be be on the path. To set a specific version of erlang, add the following to solano.yml:

  version: '19.0'


While Elixir is not natively installed on Solano CI workers, installing it can be easily performed in a pre_setup setup hook with code like the following:

if [ ! -f ~/usercache/ ]; then
  mkdir -p ~/usercache && \
  curl -L -o ~/usercache/
# Install elixir into $HOME/bin since it is early in $PATH
(cd ~/usercache && unzip -o && rsync -av bin ~/ && rsync -av lib ~/)

For elixir projects, the dependency cache should be customized to include appropriate key_paths and save_paths in your solano.yml:

    - mix.exs
    - mix.lock
    - deps
    - HOME/.mix