Solano CI supports a variety of Javascript testing tools and frameworks. The ruby documentation includes instructions for running Javascript tests separately from those defined by a test pattern. Most Javascript test runners can be run as individual build steps:

  - # Javascript test runner

Also it is possible to customize test command name using name key:

  - name: Javascript test runner


Solano CI supports NodeJS. See the NodeJS documentation page


Solano CI supports PhantomJS. We recommend using rake jasmine:ci as described below to drive PhantomJS tests, or directly executing the phantomjs runner. If you have capybara-webkit installed, you may need to specifically enable phantomjs in config/solano.yml by adding:

  version: '1.7.0'


CasperJS is installed in Solano CI. You can also check out a recent version from git using your package manager or explicitly script it in setup pre hook. Instead of linking the binary to /usr/local/bin, link to $HOME/bin. We generally recommend that users install CasperJS via npm to ensure that they always get the most recent version.


You can install testacular via npm. For further details see the NodeJS documentation page.


Solano CI supports the Intern code testing stack for Javascript. The Intern repository is on of our Example Repositories.