Jasmine ErrorsΒΆ

Solano CI runs Jasmine-based javascript tests using Jasmine Headless Webkit. The most common source of problems with Jasmine in Solano CI is the order in which javascript dependencies are loaded. To help you debug load order and dependency related problems, Solano CI captures the output of jasmine-headless-webkit -l and attaches it to the session report page as jasmine-load-order.txt. The first step in debugging Javascript tests is to run this same command locally and compare the order in which files are loaded. Depending on how you have configured Jasmine, it may be necessary to edit the configuration in spec/javascripts/support/jasmine.yml. In particular, we have seen cases where it is necessary to make the src_dir configuration key a list like so:

  - 'spec/javascripts/helpers'
  - '.'

Where the user has checked-in a copy of jQuery or other third-party source in spec/javascripts/helpers.