Test Execution Timeout

Tests can be buggy, too. Solano CI offers several methods for dealing with tests that run away. It is possible to abort a session from the command line or from the web interface. Solano CI will also automatically terminate runaway or unresponsive virtual machines. It is also possible to configure a timeout for individual test scripts. This approach is less heavy handed.

The default timeout for an individual test script is 15 minutes. This relatively long timeout is suitable for long running tests such as Selenium tests. Your test suite may need an even longer timeout or may be better served by a shorter timeout. You can specify an alternate timeout in solano.yml:

timeout: 90

The timeout must be numeric and is expressed in seconds. A timeout of zero disables the timeout mechanism and allows a test to run for an unlimited period of time.

Setup Hook Timeout

The timeout for hooks (e.g. pre_setup, and worker hooks) is controlled using a different config variable. For example, if you need to run a long dependency install you can set:

timeout_hook: 900