Public Repos

Project maintainers who wish to have their Solano CI report pages viewable by the public can quickly and easily adjust their repo settings by following these steps:

You can configure Solano CI repos to be publiclly viewable by first visiting the repo settings page from your dashboard (click the gear icon next to the repo you wish to make public)


Next, click “Public Settings” in the left-hand sidebar, and select “Make This Repo Publically Visible” and “Save Changes”


Simple as π - you’ll be able to tell that your repo is public by the yellow banner at the top of your report page. You can easily change your report pages back to private at any time by following the same steps.


For more information on adding Solano CI build badges to your repositories readme file, see our page here: Build Badges

For more information on how to setup building of only pull-requests and other CI settings, see our page here: Continuous Integration