Projects in Repo SubdirectoriesΒΆ

Solano CI supports building a repo that contains multiple projects, each in a subdirectory.

For example, you may have a repo with multiple Ruby gems in it that you install into your app via Bundler’s remote git integration.

Say you have a layout like:


The following solano.yml will run the tests for each of the gems in parallel:

  pre_setup: 'gem install bundler; for d in `ls -d gem*`; do mkdir -p $d/bundle && (cd $d && bundle config --local path ./bundle && bundle install); done'
  - 'cd gem1 && bundle config --local path ./bundle && bundle exec rake test'
  - 'cd gem2 && bundle config --local path ./bundle && bundle exec rake test'


For a ruby project, if there’s no Gemfile at the repo root, Solano CI will not install bundler, so the script above does so.