Running Commands as Build StepsΒΆ

Solano CI supports running arbitrary commands alongside or instead of test scripts that are selected by a test pattern.

Getting it set it up currently requires a bit of manual configuration in a solano.yml file.

Create a config/solano.yml, and add a “tests” stanza to it:

# ... existing stuff ...
 - 'bundle exec rake jasmine:ci'
 - 'bundle exec bin/run_tests'
 - 'make android_app'
 - command: ls -l /tmp

By default Solano CI automatically generates names for commands specified in yml config file. In some cases command name may be very long or has not obvious name to figure out what this command is doing. For these cases Solano CI supports name option to be able to specify command custom name:

  - name: Make android app
    command: make android_app

You can enter whatever shell commands you want, each in a YAML list. (Commands will be evaluated with bash.) Each command will be run in parallel, in an isolated Solano CI worker, and its results will be automatically integrated into your Solano CI build.

To disable Solano CI’s automatic test enumeration, set test_pattern to none:

test_pattern: 'none'
  - 'mvn test'

Contact us for help with configurations.