X11 Server (headless)

Solano CI will automatically start a “headless” X11 server using the Xvfb Xorg server.

Screen Size

You may need to customize the screen size of the X display. To do so, you can the configuration in your solano.yml:

  screen: 1920x1200x24  # this is the default.  supply a different string to override.

The value you supply here will be passed directly to Xvfb.

Custom Executable

If you need different X functionality, such a different X server, you can specify an override command in your solano.yml to run in place of Xvfb:

  xvfb_command: bin/custom_x_server

Your command will be invoked with:

bin/custom_x_server <DISPLAY_NAME> <XVFB-OPTIONS>

For example:

bin/custom_x_server :10 -screen 0 1920x1200x24 -nolisten


It’s important for your custom command to honor the display name that’s passed as the first argument, e.g.: :10. The system may kill processes that are bound to other displays.