Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs lets users run Selenium, Appium and JavaScript unit tests on hundreds of OS/browser combinations. Many customers choose to run Selenium tests on the Solano CI provided Chrome and/or Firefox browsers before testing against a more extensive combination of browsers on Sauce Labs.

Sauce Connect

Sauce Connect is a secure tunneling app which allows easily connecting to Sauce Labs services from Solano CI workers. Merge the following with your solano.yml configuration to ensure the latest version of Sauce Connect is in use and it starts as a per-worker background process:

  pre_setup: |
    tar -xzf sc-latest-linux.tar.gz
  worker_setup: |
    (cd sc-*-linux && ./bin/sc -u $SAUCE_USERNAME -k $SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY) &

The SAUCE_USERNAME and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY environment variables will need to be set. Since these variables should not be published within a repository, we recommend using the solano config:add command to set sensitive environment variables. The following two commands can be used, replacing the <scope> and <value> parameters as appropriate:

solano config:add <scope> SAUCE_USERNAME <value>
solano config:add <scope> SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY <value>

The karma-sauce-example repository demonstrates using Sauce Connect to run tests on Sauce Labs services.

Sauce Labs Configuration

Sauce Labs provides language specific guides demonstrating how tests can use their service and an Automated Test Configurator for generating the code necessary to specify which browsers/capabilities will be used in testing.