Example Repositories

Each of the below repositories provides an example of Solano CI passing configurations and tests. The solano.yml (or tddium.yml) file in each one, along with any setup hook or test-initiating scripts, demonstrate various aspects of Solano CI capabilities.


GitHub Android app - Demonstrates downloading and cacheing Gradle and the Android SDK. Gradle tasks from decoupled projects can usually be built as separate Solano CI tests without any additional configuration.


Geographical calculations in Go - Demonstrates using Solano CI supplied environment variables to connect to PostgreSQL and MySQL and installing and cacheing dependencies.


Sphinx Python document generator - The tddium-parallel branch demonstrates Solano CI automatically running nosetests across parallel workers, and is used to generate this very doc site.


Guzzle PHP HTTP client - Uses the Solano PHPUnit wrapper to implement Solano CI’s parallel PHPUnit testing functionality. Demonstrates the use of Composer to install dependencies and have them cached by Solano.

Laravel 5 Example - Demonstrates a Laravel web application running PHPUnit tests in parallel on Solano CI.

NodeJS and io.js

Karma Sauce Labs - Demonstrates using Sauce Connect to run Selenium tests on Sauce Labs.

Express - Demonstrates using Yarn instead of npm as a NodeJS package manager, including specifying appropriate cache paths.

Intern JS code testing stack - Uses Intern to test itself. Demonstrates using npm to install dependencies that are cached by Solano and executing tests with a standalone Selenium server.


CI memes docker web app - Demonstrates pulling a Docker image from Docker Hub, building it, and running a simple testsuite.

CI memes using Docker Compose - Demonstrates launching an application stack with docker-compose to test against.

CI memes Amazon ECS/ECR - Demonstrates pulling Docker images from AWS EC2 Container Registry (ECR), testing, and pushing to ECR and deploying to AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS).

Universal Worker Docker - Demonstrates running Docker builds on Solano CI Universal Workers.


Solano - The solano gem implements a command line interface for you to start a parallel run from your local git workspace, along with ways to edit configuration and retrieve your account status all from within your terminal.


Hello Phoenix - Demonstrates using Erlang, Elixir, and the Phoenix web framework on Solano CI

AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline sample_application - Demonstration repo for a complex AWS CodePipeline Continuous Deployment setup using Solano CI as the test runner. Watch the webinar to learn more


Spark Examples - Demonstrates installing and using stand-alone Apache Spark on Solano CI workers.