Deployment & Post-BuildΒΆ

Solano CI offers powerful built-in functionality to deploy your apps to your staging and production systems, and hooks that let you implement your own custom deployment flows.

Choose from the following topics to learn more:

AWS Code Deploy Push to your EC2 instances using AWS Code Deploy
Heroku Continuous Deployment Deploy your Heroku Apps
EngineYard Continuous Deployment Deploy your EngineYard Apps
New Relic Publish Release Tags to your New Relic Dashboard
Git Tagging Set git tags for your releases to integrate with Chef/Puppet/Salt
Uploading Build Artifacts Push release artifacts to your repository or to S3
Post-Build Hooks Run your custom code after tests have completed


Solano CI modifies or adds certain files to ruby/rails repos to better collect results from our parallel test runners (typically config/boot.rb and various config/*.yml files). Before deploying your code, you may want to revert these changes with a command like git reset --hard $TDDIUM_CURRENT_COMMIT in a post_build setup hook.