New Relic

Solano CI supports automatic deployment notifications to your New Relic dashboard.

If you have configured Solano CI with a post-build hook, you can also route your New Relic account information to it.

1) Configure Solano CI with your New Relic API token and App ID.

Your dashboard now shows a “Configure” link for each repo you have set up. It opens a settings page for repo-wide configuration.

Screenshot 2

The first available setting is New Relic integration.


Your API key is available through your New Relic**Account settings** page. Go to Integrations -> Data Sharing, and look for “API Access”.

To find your App ID:

If you’re using Heroku, you can find your App ID by running:

$ heroku config --app | grep NEW_RELIC_ID

Otherwise, your app ID is the numeric ID in your New Relic URLs.

Enter your settings and click ‘Save Changes’.

2) Install a post_build hook that uses New Relic’s API.

As an example, we’ve updated our basic Heroku deploy hook to include New Relic deploy notification support

3) Trigger a build

If it passes all of its tests, it will automatically deploy and post a notification to New Relic!

Check your New Relic dashboard to make sure it went through.