Scheduled Builds

Solano CI

Solano CI provides the ability to run builds at regular intervals. This is useful for nightly builds and other periodic tasks.


Only owner or admin of an Organization can modify repository setting. User Roles documentation

To configure scheduled builds for your repository, find the repository on your dashboard and click the gear icon for the repository settings page. Next select the “Scheduled Builds” menu item. This will bring you to an interface that allows you to specify a branch, optional profile, and a schedule on which to run builds.

Using Cron Jobs

One simple way to trigger periodic builds from your own infrastructure is to use the Unix tools at or cron. Combined with an incoming webhook, you can trigger builds on any given repo, branch, and profile.

1. Find the token for the webhook endpoint for your repository. This is displayed under “CI Setup” in the repository page. From your dashboard, click on the gear icon to get to the repository page.

2. Construct a suitable command to trigger a build. For instance, if you want to build the current head of the dev branch using the cron profile of the, your command might look like this:

curl -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
     -d '{"source": "solano", "branch": "dev", "profile_name": "cron", "force": true}' \

Appliance customers should replace the endpoint called with the hostname of their appliance. For more details see the discussion of incoming webhooks.

3. Add the command to your crontab. It may be easiest to wrap the command from the previous step in a simple shell script.