Solano CI supports testing Go applications. See Geographical calculations in Go as one of our Example Repositories. Contact support@solanolabs.com with any questions about Go support.

Supported Versions

Solano CI supports recent versions of Go:

  • Go 1.0.3
  • Go 1.1.2
  • Go 1.2.1
  • Go 1.3
  • Go 1.4.1
  • Go 1.5.3
  • Go 1.6
  • Go 1.7
  • Go 1.8.1
  • Go 1.9.2
  • Go 1.10.1

By default the most recent of these will be on the path and GOROOT will be set appropriately. To set a specific version of go, add the following to solano.yml:

  golang_version: 1.2.1
  worker_setup: echo "No per-worker setup in simplest case"
  post_setup: go install myprogram
  post_build: echo "Deploy to appengine here"
  - go test

Also it is possible to customize test command name using name key:

  - name: execute my go test
    command: go test